To better appreciate the taste and quality of our wines, we suggest the following gastronomic combinations.

Pasta with swordfish

We recommend: Chardonnay Nadal
The Chardonnay is offering a wide range of aromas, among which also the one of sage, has strength and structure, is at the same time of remarkable softness.
The excellent Chardonnay Nadal may well accompany all courses of a meal.
Serve at 8° - 10 °

Macaroni with cream of peas

We recommend: Pinot Grigio Nadal
We recommend an excellent Pinot Grigio of intense aroma and fruitiness, persistent, and with a good overall harmony.
Pleasantly acid and fairly light.
Serve at 8° - 10°

Risotto with radicchio

We recommend: Merlot DOC Nadal
Optimal combination, our Merlot DOC Nadal, it is of bright red colour, has a vinous aroma, tastes fruity and full.
A dry and fresh wine, has a few rough edges that make it interesting
Serve at 18 °C


Pasta with duck ragout

We recommend: Cabernet Sauvignon Nadal
The Cabernet Nadal is a wine almost austere, but capable of winning at the first sip.
Has a complexity of persistent floral scents, great harmony and overall softness, a round taste with hints of dried fruit. 
Serve at 18°

Duck in salsa of orange

We recommend: Cabernet DOC Nadal
The particular complexity of the dish needs a dry wine to meet with the present fats. We recommend a Cabernet DOC Nadal as he is dry, rightly tannic and acid, suitable for this superb dish.
Serve at 18°C

Roast hare

We recommend: Refosco Nadal
With this regional dish meshes well a traditional wine. The Refosco is of red colour with violet shades and has a delicate aroma, which is at the same time intensive and notable fruity. His elegant taste is an optimal accompaniment to this delicate dish.
Serve at 20°

Turbot in Mediterranean sauce

We recommend: Prosecco DOC Frizzante Nadal
For this dish, a white wine is indicated. The Prosecco DOC Frizzante Nadal has a wide range of perfumes, including apples and wild flowers. It has an unique strength, structure and class, along with a remarkable smoothness.
Serve at 8° - 10°

Asparagus and eggs

We recommend: Pinot Grigio Nadal
With this seasonal dish suits well our Pinot Grigio, of fine fragrance, fruity and characteristic; dry and fine, with a soft but distinct body
Serve at 12° - 14°

Strawberries and cream

We recommend: Verduzzo Sparkling Nadal 
For this classic sweet we recommend our pleasing Verduzzo sparkling, agile and fruity with sweet and brisk aromas, its acidity and freshness add to the one of the strawberries
Serve at 8° - 10°

Puff Pastry with Pineapple

We recommend: Manzoni Rosa Nadal
For a long lasting finish, in harmony with puff pastry, we recommend our full and harmonious Manzoni Rosa, a wine of beautiful golden colour, decided scent and a fruity and pleasant dry taste.
Serve at 10°

Tropical Salad

We recommend: Prosecco DOC Spumante Extra Dry Nadal
Nadal recommends a pleasantly sparkling wine with fine bubbles and abundant persistent fruit aromas. It has good acidity and freshness but remains quite soft, almost round and very light. 
Serve at 6° - 8°

Lemon Sorbet

We recommend: Prosecco DOC Extra Dry Millesimato Nadal
Prosecco DOC Extra Dry Millesimato Nadal is a wine with a brilliant straw yellow color, delicate fragrance and a lively honeyed flavor. His acidity fits well with the lemon and the present sugars complete each other in harmony.
Serve at 5° - 7°